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Have you had a flu jab?

We can help you on your way.

Have you had a flu jab yet?

As the weather gets colder and Winter is here it is time to get your flu jab. Flu is never very pleasant and can last for some time meaning days off work as well as feeling awful and not being able to get out and about. For those at risk and the elderly it can be very serious or even deadly by leading to complications like pneumonia.

The best way to protect yourself against flu is to get the jab. You may be entitled to a free vaccination on the NHS, for instance if you are over 65 or in one of the at-ricks groups you can vaccinated for free. Otherwise it is usually around £10 to £15 at your local pharmacy – good value compared to days of feeling terrible.

You can find out if you are eligible by checking here

Book an appointment now, you will not just be protecting yourself but your family and those around you.